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To correctly pass on the cultural tradition of sake brewing, we wish to share the history, thoughts and spirit of the breweries to as many customers as possible. There is a saying valued at sake breweries - ‘WA-JOU-RYOU-SHU’. It literally means, ‘making good (RYOU) sake (SHU) is to brew (JOU) with harmony (WA).’ Our hope is to familiarize sake more and reach out to everyone, creating ‘WA’ between the breweries and the consumers.

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Company Name :



Bungo Tanaka

Year Founded :

March 2010

Business :

Sales of sake, shochu and other alcoholic beverages, operation of sake brewery, import/export of food and beverages.

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  • Fuji Takasago Yamahai Jikomi Daiginjo
  • Chiyogiku "Korin Junmai Nama Genshu"

  • Succeeding tradition of over 270yrs, Tōji (brewing master) Yoshihito Katano and the team hand brews this Junmai Nama Genshu (unpasteurized and undiluted sake), using groundwater from the clear stream ‘Nagara River’.

    - Rice: 100% Akita Sake-Komachi
    - Alcohol: 16.5%
    - Price: 1800ml 2,806yen / 720ml 1,403yen

  • Azakura Kanjikomi Junmai Daiginjo Genshu Misatonishiki Jikomi
  • Azakura "Kanjikomi Junmai Daiginjo Genshu Misato-Nishiki Jikomi"

  • 2011 Tohoku Seishu Kanpyoukai ‘Junmai’ Category, Sendai Regional Taxation Bureau Director’s Award Winner. This is superior sake with rich, full-bodied aroma and a sharp taste.

    - Rice: Misato-Nishiki
    - Alcohol: 16%
    - Price: 1800ml 10,500yen / 720ml 5,250yen

  • Fuji Takasago Yamahai Jikomi Daiginjo
  • Fuji Takasago "Yamahai Jikomi Daiginjo"

  • This Dai Ginjyo is made by ‘Yamahai’ method, a process used today only for specialty brews due to its longer production time. Using Mt. Fuji’s groundwater, the Tōji spends much time, labor and care in making this sake.

    - Rice: Yamada-Nishiki
    - Alcohol: 15%
    - Price: 1800ml 5,097yen

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  • Joraku Shochu Aki-No-Tsuyu Genshu

  • This is premium ‘long-term maturation’ genshu (undiluted shōchū). Jyunmai Honkaku Shōchū (singly-distilled rice shōchū) is matured over three years in Limousin oak casks and sherry casks selected from our over 800 barrel collections. With no water added, shōchū is blended to bring about an optimum balance of flavor and color.


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